Protecting Your Business with the Right Cybersecurity Education

Oct 28, 2022 | Blog

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According to Forbes, 43% of cyber attacks are aimed at small businesses. However, organizations across all industries are often some of the most unprepared when it comes to dealing with cyber crimes. A lack of preparation can be a costly mistake that can lead to downtime, financial repercussions and even reputational harm. The best way to prevent cyber attacks from affecting your business is to develop your cybersecurity education.

16 Strategies You Need to Know to Protect Your Business from Hackers, published by Chris Wiser of 7 Figure MSP, brings together 16 cybersecurity experts to shed insight on the importance of understanding cybersecurity. One of those contributing experts, CyberTrust IT Solutions CEO Doug Johnson, specifically explores how cyber crime impacts the success of smaller-sized businesses.


Understanding Cyber Attacks


As technology becomes more complex, so do the methods cyber criminals use to break into computer systems. In Johnson’s chapter, “Which Industries are Most Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks?”, he outlines the most common types of cyber attacks, which range from ransomware to cloud-based infiltration.

Johnson also shares personal stories with CyberTrust clients who’ve had to deal with the consequences of an attack. Many faced serious downtime, profit loss and a decrease in customer trust. The most extreme cases also faced the possibility of closing their business. Johnson shares how he and his organization defused the effects of the attacks, allowing his clients to have business continuity amid their security compromises.


Developing Cyber Awareness


Beyond sharing cyber attack examples and stories, Johnson also provides businesses with recommended cybersecurity tools they can use to further strengthen their cybersecurity. The benefit of living in a digital-first world is access to advanced hardware and software that can fend off hackers with proper detection and response features.

Of course, as Johnson elaborates, cybersecurity education goes further than just using the right tools — it also includes using the best cybersecurity practices. Johnson shares the top tricks and tips small businesses of all industries can use to protect their data and digital assets. After all, taking these preventative measures is the key first step to evading cyber crimes.


Transforming Your Cybersecurity


Lastly, Johnson suggests that the best way to get a head start with your cybersecurity is to undergo a cybersecurity assessment. With this type of assessment, a Managed Services Provider (MSP) tests your system to see what security vulnerabilities lie in your system. From there, it becomes a case of outlining and implementing the best security strategies for your business.

No industry or business is safer from cyber attacks than another, whether it’s in the financial, legal, medical, insurance or retail sectors. 16 Strategies You Need to Know to Protect Your Business from Hackers acts as a great introduction to the ‘why’ behind cybersecurity, with other chapters exploring topics such as remote device cyber risks, data privacy regulations and cloud security.

Further your cybersecurity education by getting your book copy here.


About the Author


Doug Johnson has nearly 40 years of experience in the IT industry. He is committed to protecting businesses from cybersecurity threats and educating the business community on cybersecurity protection and prevention. Johnson founded CyberTrust IT Solutions to help Southern Californian businesses retain their competitive edge by leveraging cutting-edge and secure technology.

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